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A very famous and important person showed me this... 08-15-08 22:19
Unfortunately I've probably violated an NDA with just the title, but check it out...

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Fate conspires against me 08-15-08 01:20
There is a really amazing lightning storm going on above my apartment right now. I've been on the roof trying to make some videos on my cell phone, but fate has been really conspiring against me.

First, I run out with my 3G iPhone, not thinking for a second that its 2 megapixel camera will lack functionality that every cell phone I have ever owned had: the ability to make videos. How did they leave that out? How hard is it to take 10 photos a second while recording some audio? I try for a while just taking still pictures but manage to miss the constant stream of lightning every time, despite just rapidly taking photos and an incredible amount of lightning.

Second, I grab my old cell phone which I have been planning to ebay, run to the roof and start taking a video. After about one minute, with no good shots, it tells me I'm out of "memory" and can't record any more. Now, by memory, they mean hard drive space, which confused me for a while. Then I realized it was saving video to the on board storage rather than my 2 GB miniSD card. I found the settings to switch that and started recording. Got about 4 or 5 minutes of footage before it said the battery was too low to use the camera anymore (I haven't been charging my old cell phone, obviously).

Third, I come in, excited to transfer the files to my computer, watch them and share them with the world. Unfortunately file transfer doesn't seem to be working over bluetooth for some reason and I can't find a mini usb to usb cable. The 8-in-1 card reader I have doesn't appear to read miniSD and my usb card reader only reads microSD. Looks like the videos will have to wait, for now.
The epitome of everything that is wrong with the yahoo answers 08-14-08 02:21
Pissing between two buildings 08-12-08 22:24
I walk home the other night and as I get to the last alley that leads up to the stairwell of my building I notice a black fellow in a puffy jacket blocking the stairway, facing the wall. I have my ear buds in and make sure to walk a little louder as I approach him from behind. He looks over his shoulder and whips his head back forward, adjusts himself and it is only then that I notice urine running down the slanted path toward me.

I'm not upset. I piss in alleys sometimes. In fact, believe it or not I had pissed in an alley earlier that night while walking home from Marina Del Rey. When a man's gotta go...

This is about to get good.

He zips himself up and starts walking up the stairs to entrance into my building that is elevated a story up. He fumbles in his pocket for a key. He doesn't seem to be having any luck getting the door open as I get closer. I think is he going to trail me to get into the building and then rob someone? Is he going to mug me as I get closer? Is he simply embarrassed and decided to try to save face by entering the building behind me and then leaving out the other side? Then he finally finds it as I get right behind him. He pulls out his key and unlocks the door and hurries up the stairs, glancing quickly back at me with a scared look, like I was going to turn him in to the land lady or something. I do what I do best. Pretend like I never saw anything and look somewhat confused by his scared look.

He really couldn't make it to his room to piss? I think all the units in the building are the same... Mine has 3 bathrooms! There's no way they were all in use.

I guess there is only one explanation. He just likes pissing outdoors?

-Random thoughts-

I'm going to see Diana Chao tomorrow and going to SIGGRAPH.

Going to Portland on Saturday. Want to see me?

If Michael Phelps was a country he would be in 3rd place on the olympic gold medal count so far. How is it fair that by being the best swimmer in the world you can win 6 individual gold medals and share 2 with teams but by being the best hockey player in the world you can only share 1 gold with a team.
We got it wrong 08-05-08 20:21
A rare find! This video actually serves as a follow up to my two previous seemingly orthogonal posts. Coincidence? I think not!

And the answer is...

No winners so no doubling of inboxes (phew!)