david luke richardson
Chrome 09-02-08 15:11
Try it out, it's pretty sweet. I've known about this for a long time and really holding my breath on it. Now I can finally say, get it! It rocks.

Makes elowel even sweeter. I really like the speed, self-contained tabs and that the mouseover on recent posts is wicked fast.

Try it and let me know what you think!
Confirmed: Bristol pregnant! 09-01-08 10:58
Hate to turn this into a gossip blog, but I'm not usually right when it comes to conspiracies.


Not completely satisfied that all the information below is false, though, but at least some of the puzzle pieces are coming together.
I'm sick of seeing this 08-30-08 17:09
Totally sick of seeing this story... While I have my front page spot, I should do something sweet with it. Umm... Any ideas? Actually, don't post any comments! That will only make this stay here longer... No comments!
First day of school 08-25-08 12:03
Back to school already...

For all you nerds out there, here is Obama schooling Eric Schmidt:

Just pretend it's xkcd 08-21-08 19:19
On heading over to a girl's house...

Me: is it going to be awkward? am i going to have to say hi to your siblings and parents?
Her: Only my dad is here and he uses linux.
Me: Sweet! Can I meet him!?


For sara, the comic version of this post.

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