david luke richardson
Flickr, eh? 03-29-07 00:31
So lets say you have a flickr account and an elowel account. Did you know you can post pictures you find on flickr to elowel automatically? You did? Well, do you know how? Hah, thought so hot shot.

Well, its your lucky day because I've decided to show you! First go to flickr's add blog page, sign in and meet me back here after I get another glass of apple drink.

Alright, awesome.

  1. From the dropdown box select "MetaWeblogAPI" and click Next.

  2. Copy http://elowel.org/xmlrpc.php and paste it into the API Endpoint field. Enter your elowel username and password. Don't worry, flickr won't sell this and even if they did, is your blog's password worth any money?

  3. Make sure the url on the next page points to http://%username%.elowel.org
    Label it whatever you want. I recommend using an alliteration like dastardly dave's diary
    Click "All Done"

  4. Click "return to your blogs page"

  5. Click Test Post, first to see if it works and second to fuel elowel's ego by letting us know indirectly that you went through this process

From now on when you see a neat picture on flickr, click "blog this" and blammo, we'll all get to enjoy your eccentric artistic "taste"