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Avatar fraz
02-03-09 08:03
that poor confused kid! Is it just me, or does anyone else think the parent was being a (at least a little) jerk for laughing at his drugged up kid? Poor little guy.
Avatar yourworstenemy *
02-03-09 11:36
Your Best Friend
Aw I feel sorry for him...but it's also funny lol
Avatar dagnirnin2
02-03-09 15:44
Aww. I had no idea what had happened to the kid in the beginning. I loved the "is this gonna be forever?" question, though.
Avatar cinnamonlixx
02-03-09 16:00
lizz's journal
Haha, I saw that. I looooove it! :)
Avatar camabar
02-03-09 16:06
If you say so.
Awww cute, sad and funny!! I thought the parent was handling it well. . . kinda.
Avatar unfathomablej
02-03-09 16:21
scholar of China
Avatar dagnirnin2
02-03-09 16:28
Eww... not a cute face.
Avatar fraz
02-03-09 16:45
haha WTF is that?
Avatar prudence *
02-03-09 17:02
unfathomablej.. that is so priceless. I got teary-eyed with laughter.

I've never been a youtube surfer or an internet peruser. I tend to stick to elowel, facebook, e-mail and online banking with the occasional music video, but I never understood how people came across shit like this video. I mean, what did you type in the search engine? cracked-out kid?
Avatar peena
02-03-09 20:46
hahaha great video but sad...

and gross pic of kid unfathomablej
Avatar david *
02-03-09 20:57
Ross Is. Br.
@prudence: One person finds it, submits it to a community news site like reddit or digg. People then rate the material. Since this is pretty universally funny it shoots up to the top of site pretty fast.
Avatar prudence *
02-04-09 10:46
Are you still holding on to second grade? I wasn't much of a fan of chivalry or romancing back then, and I think I'm less fond of it now.
Avatar david *
02-05-09 11:00
Ross Is. Br.
I keeeed.
Avatar nick
02-14-09 10:21
Hell yes.
No, it isn't wrong. It's really cute. I don't think the dad was being a jerk at all. I think when the kid gets older they'll watch this and laugh.
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