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I'm back in Portland for about a week! Also I'm an uncle!

Avatar yourworstenemy *
06-15-09 23:46
Your Best Friend
Avatar cinnamonlixx
06-16-09 08:05
lizz's journal
Avatar volcanovixen21 *
06-16-09 08:19
Dvorak Attack
Boy or girl?
Avatar camabar
06-16-09 08:28
If you say so.
Avatar david *
06-16-09 09:30
Ross Is. Br.
Avatar zanna
06-16-09 09:32
gibts keine hier
Congrats! Hope you get to spend some time with your nephew. =)
Avatar max *
06-16-09 12:46
cyber desperado
You should hit me up, I'm clear most nights except Wednesday when I'm going to Jay Reatard's show.
Avatar chucho *
06-20-09 12:33
Breathe deep
I would say "Let's go to Fireside", but Fireside doesn't exist any more.
Avatar david *
06-22-09 15:55
Ross Is. Br.
Seriously? That blows!
Avatar chucho *
06-22-09 20:14
Breathe deep
Yup. It's now "The South East Grind". New managment. Haven't been in since, so I don't know if they retained the staff.
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